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been up here on higala highland lane all day long. this is as close as they're allowing us to get to the crime scene. you can see a sheriff's deputy has positioned himself on the roadway. hes keeping people from going to the scene. investigators are searching evidence at a home we have been told is owned by 49er linebacker aldon smith. nbc bay area has learned that smith was stabbed during a party he was hosting at his house last night. two other people were hit by gunfire. sheriff's deputies say all three victims received non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to recover. the santa clara county sheriff's department tells us they got a 911 call just after 2:00 this morning. they arrived to an extremely chaotic and hectic scene. they say there was about 100 people there at the party, many of them trying to leave when investigators arrived. they quickly discovered that three people had been injured, but they say nobody at the party knew who was responsible, and so far they have no suspects. a neighbor described what he saw and heard. >> lots of shots about 2:00 in the mornin
. >> it took 22 years to change the u.s. laws to allow people to come to our country without declaring this hiv status. >> with the obama administration finally geoff turning that -- it will take place later this month in w washington. after 30 years we finally feel like we have the courage to turn an the aides epidemic it. the findings last year where it turned out that treatment works with prevention of -- >> reporter: perhaps the most talked about subject will be the search for a cure. it comes after a recent revolution that a bay area man was reportedly cured of aides. >> now whether we can do it with a pill, or a transplant, that's the question. >> researchers caution that a cure is still likely decades away, but today's conference comes at a turning point in the fight against a disease that kills people every year. still ahead here at 6:00, a new law becomes officially today, one that affects people with autism. we'll have details on how it will help. >>> also a rap icon's company buys an east bay business, the first of its kind move designed to enhance your music listening experience. >>
. he wasn't really comfortable speaking to us on camera, but he did tell us a few things including that he found out about the shooting through a telephone call very early this morning and he says he was very surprised. the uncle of 24-year-old james holmes a suspect in the deadly movie theater shooting in colorado describes his nephew as an unassuming guy the family calls jimmy. he did not want to go on camera, but holmes' uncle told nbc bay area, as far as he knew holmes was working and there was nothing that sent up red flags. despite being holmes name sake, he saw james when he visited carmel. the father of the suspect flew to colorado where his son is in custody. the uncle told us this all seems surreal and his family is just trying to come to terms with it. live in carmel, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> so many people across the country are impacted by the store, more than 1,000 miles away from the massacre, people in san diego are stunned. >> reporter: here in the suspect's family home in san diego, it has been a bit of a revolving door, from friends to police to supp
. >>> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a big-time warmup for us, numbers close to 100 degrees. right now 88 in gilroy, we'll talk more about this heat and how long it lasts coming up. happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going to read one of these. i'm going to read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender gets into hard to reach places so you can get unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. we now know the cause of this four-alarm fire that took place last month. investigators say welders accidentally sparked the flames as they were attaching a ladder to a wall. the fire did more than $2 million of damage to the t
of the hot trends right now, she can bring a lot of expertise to yahoo at a time when yahoo could use some expertise. >> i was really excited to make the transition, i had worked on search, which is still very important, it's still at the core of our business. but i had worked on search for 10 years, or 12 years depending on how you count it. last year i was excited about what was happening in location, mobile, social, mobile-social. >> meyer actually brings a lot of credibility to yahoo as well making it a cool place to work again. half the battle in silicon valley is making products that people want. the other half is the battle to attract talent to your company and she can do that. yahoo shares jumped about 2.5% on that news. >> yahoo is a different beast, can she succeed? >> somebody's got to define success, you make yahoo credible again? she's already done that, she doesn't even have her security badge yet. it's still popular, so she can't do that. in the long run success for yahoo is going to be getting their share cost up. >> she has a funny story -- when she was growing up, everybo
and tried to coax her outside. >> she was standing at the door, she was waving for us to get inside, i guess she wanted to get dressed first. she walked into her room and it was very smoky by then, so i threw my shirt over her and pulled her out through the window. >> after the rescue, a firefighter presented him with a slightly smoky t-shirt. >>> a woman fighting for her life today. the mom was shot in the chest, her son also hurt. stephany trong is live with a search tonight. >> reporter: to my right there's a soccer match going on. behind me, police have been here all day and a woman we just spoke with thought they heard fireworks, what they really saw were gunshots. a home invasion robbery took a nearly deadly turn last night. but daniel never woke up, the three men who shot his 62-year-old mother after they forced her into their union city home at gunpoint. >> he was like swaying, dancing, just like talking to himself . d >> the other two went upstairs and found a safe, demanding the code. >> we all didn't know and then from there, i thought he was going to shoot us all. >> and so he fo
is proof. joining us by phone, reporter, margeau dumbfrie. can you fill us in on what happened? >> well, diane, the man, in their kayaks on a fishing trip. they're out kayak fishing beyond pleasure point. the shark came up from the bottom and took a bite out of the front of the -- the kayak. and knocked him into the water. now, luckily, there was a fishing boat nearby who got him out of the water and they were able to transfer him to the wharf safely. >> i understand you talked with a shark expert who had some insight that this may have been a great white? i guess? >> yes. well, we spoke to a guy from the shark research foundation. and he told us by phone that -- he went down and checked out the kayak, looked at the teeth mark and was pretty sure by looking, examining and measuring it was definitely a great white shark. there have been sightings off of monterey in the last week. >> all right, so, one more thing for you. i am assuming capitola was busy, popular beach, gorgeous weekend. are people scared out there or used to this a little too? >> you know, the fishermen were shocked. and
unusual. this is a 150,000 square feet warehouse that has two stories and for us to embargo all the products in that facility because of the massive c contamination of the facility is very rare. >> products used in the baking of food an baked goods. the products are mainly sold over the internet in the united states. and some local stores and bakeries have purchased the products. things like green tea, spices like paprika and parsely. the company sells the products to bakeryings and grandmothocer stores. the company is in the process of contacting all of the store that have purchased product and notifying them of the potential contamination, jessica also no comment at this point where the owners or the company. >> all right, tony, i'm sure we'll be hearing more in the coming days. if you have a tip for investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips. >>> a helping hand in the face of tragedy. tonight we learn how a bay area ceo is reaching out to one of the victims of the aurora, colorado shootings. she comes from the tech sector. >> it's a story that comes down to two peop
phones, they help us connect. but little did we know, even when our phones are tucked away in our purses or pockets, we're still connecting and being tracked. every seven seconds, data from our phones is sent to cell towers, even when our phones are off. and what happens to that information? >> this information can tell police basically anything they want about the person. >> according to trevor tim, law enforcement agencies are asking for gps, contacts and other data and cell phone carriers like att and verizon are giving it away without your permission. >> there's actually what's called cell phone tower dumps where they're actually just going after one person but they end up getting information on everybody who had been around a cell phone tower during a certain amount of time. so even though they're only investigating one person, they now have information on hundreds or thousands of people. >> reporter: but why are cell phone carriers giving your information away without even a subpoena? we contacted att which declined to comment on our story but did send this letter to a lawmaker ask
guarantee is partial funding for next year. >> a year is not good enough for us. the mistake was made by foundation, and i feel there needs to be accountability to sustain the $2.2 million that  was sent by error. >> that's why our focus is on multiyear funding. we have very good possibilities there and one application already pending. >> save upward bound! >> in the past the program has been able to assist 150 students each year. the research foundation will have to crunch the numbers, but there's a possibility they won't be able to meet the number this year. but the ceo says they're committed to sustaining the program. >> we'll see. we'll see if it happens. if it doesn't, we'll have to do this again. we really need answers. the parents are concerned because all our kids need this help. >> reporter: one mother showed up to the rally with her three young kids in tow saying she was there to make sure the program was available for her kids once they get into high school. the group, as a whole, is focused on one goal, the continuation of upward bound. nbc bay area news. >>> right now t
, didn't he? >> little 5-year-old jackson told us he plans to never wash his hands again, certainly a moment he will never forget, even at 5 years old. the president is expected to spend several hours here in piedmont before moving on to oakland to the fox theater. >>> just a few miles away, at the fox theater in oakland, there is anticipation and there are also protests beginning, the president's event begins at 8:00, the streets around the theater are already closed and it's obstructing businesses from local bay area owners. sheryl, lots of people out there, not all of them supporters, though, not all of them donors? >> reporter: that's true, jessica, as you can see, 19th and broadway is blocked off with protesters and that street is blocked off right now. some businesses are closed in the area, but some are still open here in downtown oakland. security is as you might expect, high. protesters are out in force as you can see, making their voices heard near the fox theater. a long line of people are waiting to get into the fox theater. seven streets surrounding the theater are bloc
, the revenue is used for everything from the extra police to waste services to the portable bathrooms. the people get their parade and those same people turn out in force to support the local businesses. from zona rosa which just opened today. >> when people told us there would be 20,000 people. we thought everybody would be eat act the food trucks, we didn't know everybody would be coming coming in to our restaurant to eat. >> reporter: some money does come from the city of san jose, but only in the form of small hp grants from individual councilmembers who are willing to donate. >> i supported it last year and i supported it this year with a small grant out of my office. >> reporter: now at some point the hope is that the city will take over sometime in the future and bring back the tradition of a fourth of july parade. as for the event today, organizers were expecting up to 25,000 people. >> and the city of fremont managed to inflate it's fourth of july parade with motorized flat bottom balloons, instead of the huge plans filled with helium. but even those these balloons didn't flo
. officials say they're not going to be honored at the entrance gates if you try to use them. anyone who thinks they may have been sold one of those tickets needs to call the police. >>> someone tossed a box into the amc theater in east ridge mall in san jose claiming it was a bomb. the theater was quickly evacuated. the bomb squad called to the scene. of course it turned out that the package was harmless. but movie goers initially did fear the worst. in fact one man took matters in his own hands before the police arrived. >> i took my jacket and covered the box, and the box had a lot of weight on it and i pushed it in between the aisles where they had two concrete dividers so i could prevent some people from getting hurt from the blast. >> it was affect blast -- >>> tonight a young -- the fire broke out early this morning at a complex on donegal way just off pleasant hill road. investigators say the man and the woman were in the early 30s. they apparently did try to escape, but they couldn't get out of the second floor bedroom. >> i'm thinking oh, my god, i know who's in that department
who might have witnessed anything like this here in fremont, and this is a good example for all of us, if you find yourself in a situation like tanya, stay calm and call 911. >>> we have just learned that reckless driving is now being blamed for a crash that killed a man standing on the swauchblgt matthew kumar is now facing one count of vehicular manslaughter, kumar was speeding and rang a red light before hitting and killing a 15-year-old. kumar stayed at the scene and has cooperated with their investigation. >>> he is free to do what he wants and almost lynch says that means bringing justice to fellow sure -- stemming from an attack in los gatos two years ago. that's when lynch admits to severely beating father jerald lindhler. according to the group's web page, it's mission is to end the cycle of sex abuse against children. >>> we have been hearing about all that extreme heat in other parts of the country and now it's here in our part of the country, in the bay area. this video from san ramon this afternoon gives you an idea of how people just wanted to cool off. jeff ranieri is t
sweep ever in northern california. chicken hawk is the term law enforcement uses for those who possess and deal in child pornography. >> people that thought that they were in the privacy of their own homes, unfortunately, they chose to trade child porn online. oftentimes that's happening through decoy operations where they're trading with undercover police officers or federal agents. >> reporter: on the 5200 block of vera lane in san jose, neighbors know the suspect well. >> he would always be on his computer. i didn't think nothing of it. >> every time i go by, he was on that computer. i said he must be a computer freak, you know what i mean. >> reporter: an operation that uses more than 165 detectives from 30 agencies working with the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force, itac, takes preparticume planning. >> everybody met up, they went over the plan. officer safety aspects of an operation like this. really what our goal is, we've got 20 search warrants. the goal is to take all 20 to jail. >> reporter: by taking them off the street, it could prevent a more heino
and painless, using a special martial arts method. >> i think he regrets not having planned better so he could gotten way what he said. >> gonzalez, the attorney suing himself on behalf of the computer scientist children, grilled the convicted killer. riser saying he would have never led authorities to the body of his wife had he not been found guilty of murder and offered a lighter sentence in exchange. >> mr. riser admitted today that had he not been convicted of murder, he would never had said anything about where his wife was, and she would still be there, in the oakland hills. >> riser, serving as his own attorney, drew gasps, from the courtroom when he was asked if he wrapped his wife's body in garbage bags. he later went on to blast his wife, riser suggests he killed nana to protect his children, claiming she was an extraordinary liar and made up ailment the kids didn't have. >> if these children had been abused at all, it's by what mr. riser has done in killing their mother in the house while they were there, carrying her down the stairs, with his son watching him carrying
ahead at 6:00, one-on-one with the british adventure to the u.s. his thoughts on the first lady's upcoming trip to see the olympic games, and president obama's decision not to attend the opening ceremony. >>> green apple? the tech giant makes a major reversal after admitting a mistake. >>> and an exception to the state's destructive driving laws, how you can now text behind the wheel, but there's a catch. >>> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, we're tracking this cooldown after lower 100s this week. and all this fogs make temperatures take a nose dive. if you're going out to the giants game at att park, bring a jacket, it's going to be 55 degrees with wind. >>> also the presidential can at the mitt romney may choose condoleezza rice has his running mate. if you would like to share your thoughts about whether rice would make a strong vice president. you can vote by calling 408-300-9222. text 1 for yes and 2 for no. ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...in my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪
the restaurant's use of the ingredient as nothing more than a publicity stunt. joining me live now is dana, with the animal protection rescue league. thank you for joining us. what is your goal here today? >> so we're here to educate the public that the presidio social club is continuing to serve foie gras. it can be enforced in federal enclaves like the presidio. >> and you were also told that you -- where your protesters can stand is not in the way of traffic is. that a problem? >> no. the police indicated that there was a free speech zone where we needed to stand. but that's not correct. as long as we're not blocking traffic or blocking the sidewalks, we're free to stand where we like within our first amendment rights. >> reporter: so you were told you should be across the street? >> correct. and we quickly corrected that statement and the police confirmed we can stand where we like as long as we're not blocking the sidewalk. >> reporter: how long do you plan on being out here? >> a couple hours. >> reporter: after tonight? >> we'll see. the california foie gras ban is working. virtuall
but one of the top ten u.s. cities with similar transportation systems. boston is the only city with a less expensive monthly pass at $59. muni leaders say the increases are part of a plan to keep fare hikes small and predictable. >> last decade, our board made a decision to increase fares and citations incrementally and not all at once in a large sum. this we felt would be an easier burden for our customers and those throughout the city. so this is something we had to do. and we want to make this as easy as possible for our customers. >> the price for a regular one-time ticket is still $2. >>> the top female gymnast in the country are competing for a ticket to the summer olympics in london. it's all happening at the hp pavilion in san jose. the men competed last night. kimberly tere is there and has more for us. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. we were actually able to talk to the men's team this afternoon. it was a sleepy bunch of guys, let me tell you, because they didn't get much rest overnight, of course, in anticipation of this morning's announcement. but it is
. >>> standing by her man, lopez will testify in person in the case against her us is husband, suspended sheriff. she will arrive in san francisco around the 16th or 17th of the month. she said the latino organization is footing the bill. lopez had said she would not come from venezuela to testify unless the city paid for her travel expenses. sheriff was suspended after a guilty plea of false imprisonment stemming from an argument he had with his wife on new year's eve. >>> just in late this afternoon, california state assembly passed a plan for high speed rail. the bill now goes to the senate for a vote tomorrow. and there are billions of dollars on the line. let's bring in our business reporter, scott. scott, there is a hollywood connection. >> there is a hollywood to silicon valley connection. pushing for the extra speed, because it says the rail plan could give both the tech industry and movie industry a boost. >> it is the perhaps the perfect example of silicon valley and hollywood. a pixar movie and film making. but who needs a car when you can bridge the two areas by high speed rail? >> h
people away. anyone can join. joe introduces us to the unusual program and shows us how the singers are now headed to london for the olympics. >> reporter: for a few hours every tuesday afternoon, a small church in benecia becomes the center of a musical universe. its choir practice, unlike most others. songs from across the globe interpreted by young voices into a sound that is uniquely american. >> it started as an experiment. and people started saying, wow, i've never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: annable founded it almost 20 years ago as an activity for her three sons. since then she's molded it into a group whose musical direction is literally all over the map. >> we sing different types of music from all over the world. some songs from africa, italy, paris, everywhere. >> reporter: there are no auditions, no one turned away. the only thing frowned upon is standing still. >> we try to move around and we do have some choreography so that helps. instead of just standing straight. >> reporter: the group has performed in the white house, carnegie hall, japan and sout
round of testing is supposed to start tomorrow. they'll use audio and visual messages at the train station telling the riders arrival and departure time. eventually it will be available on caltrain's website and by free e-mail and text messages as well. it's expected to be in place by the end of the year. >>> on this sunday, millions of people gathered in churches across the country to worship, but at one catholic church in san jose, the music wasn't the same this sunday. that's because someone stole thousands of dollars worth of instruments from the church over the past week. kimberly tere is at our lady of guadalupe church with a look at how they still made music despite the loss today. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, this church spent years building up their supply of musical instruments. they paid for them through money raised in fund-raisers. and all of it was taken in a matter of days. thieves raided the music storage room on may 28th, taking an estimated $16,000 worth of gear on that date. then on july 3rd after they changed the locks, burglars struck again. one day later ever
tell us? >> good evening, janell, here's what we know, two whistle blowers, former ploem -- tonight their stories in the pictures and video from inside the company. >> should this company be shut down? >> yes, they should. >> there's a lot of feces, a lot -- >> testimonials from two former employees now whistle blowers, our investigation will give you an exclusive look at the pictures and videotape obtained by nbc bay area from inside the now embargoed warehouse. >> there's some contaminated foods that people -- >> and they know it? >> there's mice living in there, mice reproducing in there, making babies in there. me and a couple other employees actually seen the newborn babies within a product and what they do is just take the babies out and resift the product, of course, and put it back in stock. >> the owners of this facility, are they aware of how bad this problem is? >> yes, they are. >> are they aware that you were instructed to sift out mice feces, mice from product and resell that? >> they are the ones that gave the orders. >> here's the latest on july 11, state inspectors
, as of now, pendleton can't walk and uses a wheelchair to get around. >>> two san francisco flights were reportedly flashed with a laser beam last night. both incidents happened when the planes were about 4,000 feet above the bay area. the first one was reported by a sky west flight, about 14 miles east of palo alto. the second was a virgin american flight in just about the same spot. those caught and prosecuted can be fined up to $11,000. >> not smart. >>> tgif. >> it is here, i can't wait for saturday. we do have quite a bit of warming here from the bay area from the north bay all the way down to the south bay and it is all about that northly wind. take a look at san francisco, so with that wind out of that drier direction, we did see a substantial increase in our temperatures. we had 82 in redwood city, and one of our hottest was livermore topping out at 90 degrees. this gets you to our current temperatures right now, and we are finding that mild air back into our interior valleys. and right here near the coastline, it's still slightly cooling so we're finding a mix of 60s and 70s, ou
into court this morning handcuffed, he sat down and turned to the gallery and nodded calmly at us and then when the verdict was read, he showed no reaction, no emotion. but the jury had sent a very strong message. their decision to award the plaintiffs double what they were asking for was unanimous. >> four years later, he returned to watch the civil trial play out. this time from the gallery. >> i'm glad that i did it because it kind of gives me more closure on the whole thing. >> reporter: turner says when he was a juror, he watched reiser crumble. >> he stated he was going to try to earn some more money for his children from prison. he reverted back to his rationalizing killing his wife and he said he would do it again in this courtroom. which is so strange, so sad. >> the jurors from the current trial felt the same way, no remorse from a man who repeatedly admitted to murder and to covering it up. >> had it not been for the conviction, he would never have said anything where nina was. so if reiser had not been convicted, nina would still be buried in the hills. >> $60 million
total radio failure. it changes every day. >> this is a big concern for us when it comes to officer safety and we cannot afford to have equipment that is not reliable in a time of need. >> reporter: a new report commissioned by the city revealed the radio system had been built on top of an old and failing infrastructure, a mix of old and new, from radio towers to the electrical power systems and antennas. the report recommends an immediate upgrade or perhaps a switch to a newer system. we could not reach mayor jean quan for comment, she's in philadelphia for a conference. but donlin says he and his officers have a message for her. >> we have a very simple request, when an officer hits the microphone and calls for help, i want everyone to hear it. >>> a chaotic scene in downtown san francisco today where a chase ended with a police officer shooting and a killing of a suspect. it happened at washington and davis streets near the embarcade embarcadero, police say they were responding to reports of a stabbing at a chocolate factory at pier 17 when they encountered the suspect about a bl
bunch of popping sounds and all of the smoke came up next to us. we didn't think anything of it until the person, our friend sitting behind my sister -- >> right behind me. and he basically yelled, oh, my god, what the hell happened? i turned around and he had probably an inch around hole in his forearm that was pouring blood. >> blood everywhere all over his leg and all over his neighbor. we all kind of were pushing each other like go, go, go, we need to get out of here, something is very wrong. we got out really fast. people in theater 9 were running out yelling, there's a shooter, there's a shooter. >> reporter: they say police were already there when they got outside and were able to get their friend help. they say they're counting their blessings since they know the outcome for them and their friends could have been much worse. they say their hearts are with the families of those who were killed. >> i was just going over in my head all of the what if aspects. what if we chose a different seat, what if we hadn't left when we did? >> reporter: they told me the hardest part is tryin
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